Our Story

Our story begins with an Idea…

An idea that begun with enthusiasm and creativity. I was always inspired as a little girl seeing my mother running a well established boutique, clothes and accessories well sought after, the colors, the embellishments, the designs and the uniqueness that always had something so interesting and inviting. At a very tender age I would go and spend hours in our boutique after studies and gather as much as knowledge I could, inspiring it all was. I would travel along with my mother to different countries for our exclusive collection, this is something I regard gave us a little edge with our collections, seeing and coming across different cultures, religions and people. It was always close to my heart to feel and study the lifestyles, studying people, the way they would carry themselves, the colors, the styles defined in various aspects… and the Fashion.

It was extremely fortunate I must say my trip to India, a few years ago, with my husband celebrating our wedding with his family, one of the biggest exporters of scarves and shawls. It was a blessing in disguise visiting the land of divine, the culture so rich, the people so loving and above all the creativity in every single aspect of living. A wide way to bigger multicultural environment than I could imagine, people from totally different cultures, lifestyles living together and in harmony. It was a pleasure coming across so very creative people with whom I could relate myself, my ideas which was the key in starting our very own and exclusive EXOTIC FIBRES.